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Why I Get Back Up: #Christ #RootOfTheName #RootOfTheTitle #RootOfTheWord #ChristLike #Christian #Christer #Christless #Christology

Before we get into the theo-logo-expi-ali-docious-ness,

The true sense of the word/title/nameChrist” (Christ-like, Christian, Christer, Christless, Christology) “to Rub, Anoint; Overly-Zealous Christian” (Title Given to Jesus of Nazareth; Chrism, Messiah; -Er, -Less, -Logy; sect of the Familists had the verb ChristedMade One With Christ”; first used to name a Religion in Antioch, Acts 11:25-26).

Brother Kenneth Copeland (Kenneth Copeland Ministries) affirms thatChristiancomes from the ‘Ancient’ (Latin, Greek, Aramaic … Etymonline calls it PIE (Proto-IndoEuropean)) for “Of the Anointed and His Anointing.”

Thats why I get up every morning—because I am Anointed-togiven the power by one given the same Anointing: ‘To go, making disciples of all who see the things we do.”

Sure, “world-mindedpeople can look and see thatif others see were happy doing whatever it is were doingof course theyll want todo like we doin order to achieve a happiness like ours!

And itsnaturalfor them to be a littlejealouswhen they find out our success is based on a mindset that involves believing something we cannot (objectively) know for-sure. At which point they set-aboutproving Christianity wrong.’ But were not empowered tobe correct or -logically sound.’ Were empowered to beworth following!”

Worth following because our way leads to eternal love!

#Recompense #RootOfTheWord #Compensate (Recompensed, Recompensing, Comp, Comped, Comping, Compensated, Compensating)

The true sense of the wordRecompense” (Compensate) isto Weigh With/Together; Again + to Balance Out, Counterbalance, weigh One Thing (against another); to Reward, Remunerate; to Redress; to Make Good, make Up For; to Be Equivalent” (Re-, Com-, Pendant).

I remember that my family-members would sometimes sayI recompense” when they meantI reckon’—as the words are so similar, & as the latter (the ‘judging howequalthings are at that moment’) is necessary before doing the former (‘rearranging things so that they areequal”’).

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#Grind #RootOfTheWord #Grinding #Grinder

The true sense of the wordGrind” (Grinding, Grinder) is “(Corn; to Scratch); Destroy by Crushing; to Rub Together, crush into Powder, Grate, Scrape; the Act of Chewing or grinding; the Gnashing of Teeth; One who grinds (grain … a Miller)”

(to Make Smooth or Sharp by Friction; Steady, Hard, Tedious Work (student-slang, Gerund-Grinder); hard-working Student who Studies with Dogged Application; Oppressive, Burdensome; Molar tooth; Machine for Milling; Large Sandwich (Americanism from the amount of chewing required to eat such a sandwich)).

Is the #FBomb a Symptom of a Genetic Disease? @HufPostEnt #RootOfTheWord (euphemistically) #Eff #FWord #Frak #Fark #Frik

The Disease: a form of mental lethargy or -laziness … caveman-ism, the disease we evolved-past

I hear the expletive used frequently by individuals who consider themselves ‘deeply intellectual,’ and (if I think about it) it's almost likeif (astrophysicist) Neil deGrasse Tyson stood up in front of an astrophysics class and started singingLittle Bunny Foo-Foo”’ Eye rolling smile

ormore-specificallylike if the acclaimed astrophysicist interupted himself (in the midst of a lecture onthe gravitational constant or the quantum singularity or whatever astrophysicists study) to bark rapidly and bite a flea off his bicep.

I mean … rather than calling them a deeply insulting name, the otherwise-intellectual calls an offensive person a “fuck”; rather than naming the offensive person's offensive action, the otherwise-intellectual declares that they are “fucking-around/with/on/at”; rather than describe the person's distasteful demeanor or activity, they consider “fucking” to be a synonym for every (distasteful) description or activity-method.

Popular comedian Dane Cook describes the word ‘Fuck’ as “what dogs are actually saying,” confirming civil listeners’ opinion that it isnot a word worthy of civil discourse” (the main reason I don't use it in the title of this post).

The true sense of the wordFucktakes some digging to find (as it was usually unwritten until the early 1500s … and outlawed by England (1857 Obscene Publications Act) and by America (1873 Comstock Act))

turning-up “Knock, Strike Off; Take Home, Co-Habit, Dwelling; Have Sexual Intercourse with; to Press Hard, Beat; Copulate, Cheat, Move Back-&-Forth; to move Lightly Over, Sweep; move Restlessly, Fidget, Dally, Flirt (make Quick movements To-&-Fro, Flick, Itch, Scratch); Push, Penis.”

Also dug-up is the citation of a surname. The meaning of the surnameFuckerisSoldier.”

Thursday, March 30, 2017

What I’m Going to Miss @WLWriter: This Auto-#Link Feature @Microsoft @Windows #RootOfTheWord (Linked, Linking, Links, Link-Up)

If you've subscribed to this blog (or at least seen it often enough) you see that a lot of these words are hyperlinked to entries that feature the hyperlinked words' roots. You might not know that the main reason I'm able to do that isa feature of Windows Live WritercalledAuto-Link.”

Something else you might not knowI'm using a machine that runs on the Windows Vista Operating System. Window Vista is 'being phased out'Microsoft's support, security & connectivity areevolving past it’ (with no direct compatability-upgrades available for it)–so I soon may have to start using an OS which cannot run Windows Live Writer.

If that happens, future posts to this blog (et al.) won't be so ‘hyperlinked’ (I'll still hyperlink the main roots of the entry, but not a lot of the words in the rest of its text).

The true sense of the wordLinkisto Bend, Turn; (to Lead; Articulation, Joint of the Body); One of a Series of Rings or Loops which Form a Chain, Section of a Cord; to Bind, Fasten, Couple, Unite as if by links”

(Lank, Flank, Flinch; the Hip, Armor; a Division of a Sausage made in a Continuous chain; Anything Serving to Connect one thing to another; Means of Telecommunication between Two Points; Become connected, Join in Marriage).

orLight, Brightness; Portable Light, Lamp; Wick; Torch of Tow or Pitch etc.”

or “Undulating Sandy Ground (usually on a golf-course).”

Sunday, March 26, 2017

#Depth #RootOfTheWord #Deep

The true sense of the wordDeep” (Depth) is “Hollow (Bottom, Foundation; World, Earth); Profound, Awful, Mysterious, Serious, Solemn; deep Water (Rolling in the Deep)” (-th).