Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#Wealth #RootOfTheWord #Wealthy

The true sense of the wordWealth” (Wealthy) isWell-Being; Prosperity in Abundance of Possessions or Riches, Happiness” (Weal, Health; Opulent; wealthy Persons Collectively).

#RootOfTheWord #Safe #Save #Saved #Saver (Savior) #Salvation #Salvage #Salvageable with a back-formation #Salve (Salvable, Salvaged, Salvaging, Salved, Salving)

The true sense of the wordSafe” (Save, Saver, Saved, SalvationSalvage, Salvageable, Salve) isWhole; Healthful, in Good health, Uninjured; Protected, Watched-Over, Assured of salvation; Unscathed, Unhurt, Free from Danger or-Risk or-Molestation, In safety, Secure, saved Spiritually, Redeemed, Not Damned;

“Chest for Keeping Food or Valuables; Except; Make safe; Keep safe; (saving the Soul) to Deliver from Sin or -Its Consequences, Admit to Eternal Life, Gain salvation; to Prevent the Death of, Rescue from Peril, Bring to safety; Act of preventing Opponent from Scoring; Payment for saving a Ship from Wreck or Capture; to save from Loss at Sea”

(-able; Solid; Intact; Left Alive, Unkilled; not Exposed to danger; Sure, Reliable, Not a danger; Conservative, Cautious; to Reserve for Future Use, Hold Back, Store Up Instead of Spending, keep Possession of; One who Economizes, Means of saving; Source of salvation; the saving of Property from Danger; Recycling Waste Material).

Monday, May 22, 2017

#Might #RootOfTheWord #Mighty

The true sense of the wordMight” (Mighty) isto Be Able, Have Power; Bodily Strength, Authority, Ability; May-ed (past-tense ofmay’).”

#Jehovah: Just Being … No Matter What You Think You Know You Believe You Hope! #RootOfTheName

The meaning of the nameJehovahisSelf-Subsisting.”

I found that name-meaning the other day, but didn’t go on to ‘look upSubsist& then look upthe root of that root, & then the root of that root, & so-on’ because I was focused on the words at the root ofJesus.” But it strikes me that the nameJehovahought to be believers’ argument (their whole, entire argument) against atheists.

(In other words) His name is not “what I/you/others call him”; he is ‘whatever exists without cause,’ & we naturally attribute the causation of all of the ‘caused things’ to “him” (calling Jehovah ‘him’ rather than “it” because … humans cause things, and we don’t want to ‘humiliate’ ourselves by claiming that we ourselves are caused by something not human).

Like when a child asks where he came from, hears “from your mommy & daddy,’ then asks where they came from, where the grandparents came from, the great-grandparents etc.; I suppose that’s when parents point their kids to their religion’s Holy Bible’s creation story—in which their worshipped deity essentially placed their ancestor there.

I guess that is to say that–with children’s brains tirelessly seeking-out their earliest ancestor–“Jehovahis our way of telling them, “STOP!”

Maybe Jehovah/Yahweh/YHWH isn’t quite theGod” we people all_expect him to be &/or -hope that he will bethe ‘man with a plan for all of creation which he must’ve caused because it’s all “caused” and he is not caused.’ But I guess that’s the base-root of ‘what one means’ when they say they’re ‘on a mission from God’ or ‘acting on God’s command’—that “all things in existence arethe way they areso that the person can complete the mission or -the commanded action.”

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